Answers to common questions can often be found in the FAQ. Section. Your supervisors are an excellent repository of knowledge and will know answers to most your questions. You can also reach out to us if need help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I’ve already put the client into NCCARE360, do I need to put them in here too? Why?

This is up to your CBO. Curamericas does not have access to your clients’ information in NCCARE360. If you record their name and phone number here, we can use that data to verify the indicator numbers that your coordinator submits to us.

With the clients’ phone numbers, Curamericas will conduct random follow-up calls to ask clients about their experience with the CHW program. This will serve as an additional method of evaluating the impact of the program. By recording this extra information, you are not placing a major burden on your client, but you are helping us out a great deal!

What if I want to put in more information?

You cannot store extra information in this application. The app will not let you add additional columns or record information beyond the numbers we are asking for. This is to ensure that we comply with all privacy laws and to protect the personal information of your client. If you need to take more detailed notes on your client interactions, please do so elsewhere, as directed by your CBO.

What if I can’t fill out every column?

Please fill out as much information as you can. Your first priority is to help your client while getting consent for all data that you record. If they do not consent, please honor their wishes. Do not pressure them. You do not need to record any information that they are not comfortable sharing.

If they are not comfortable sharing their name, you do not need to record the client interaction here. If they are comfortable sharing their name but not their phone number, then you can record that. They can also provide their phone number (so that we can identify them as a unique client) but decline consent to call or text and we will not contact them.

My client is concerned about the public charge rule. What should I tell them?

This information is completely secure and will not be shared with the government. Your client can still receive services, even if they do not want their information stored here. The information stored in this spreadsheet will not affect whether they can be considered a public charge.

Keep in mind that you may need to get additional consent from your client to send referrals, add them to NCCARE360, or perform other actions and that consenting to be listed in this spreadsheet does NOT mean they consent to you sending their information elsewhere.

Why do you need my client’s number? Who will call them?

If your client consents, Curamericas may use their phone number to conduct a quality control call or text conversation to evaluate the efficacy of the CHW program. Most clients will not end up being contacted and we will not share their number with anyone. If they are randomly chosen for a call or text follow-up, we will conduct a quick conversation, asking questions such as: was your CHW helpful? Did you get the services you needed? Do you have any other unmet needs now?

These follow-ups will also be an opportunity to provide an extra check in with the client about their needs. If they express a need that has not yet been met, we will contact the CHW who worked with this client and ask them to make another referral.

What do I do if my client needs a second referral (or more)?

You should discuss with your CBO whether you should make a separate row or not record additional referrals after the first.

You may start a new row with the date of the new referral. You can copy and paste the client’s name, phone number, and contact preference into this row. We will use the phone numbers to determine the unique number of clients. Fill out the rest of the row based on the new referral (whether open or closed, how many telehealth encounters occur).

What if my client does not have their own phone?

If the client does not have a personal phone number but still wishes to provide a number, you can ask for a number of someone they trust (like a friend, neighbor, or family member) where we could leave a message for them to call us back. Please ensure that they consent to Curamericas calling them at this number. If they do not consent or cannot provide a phone number, that is fine. You can list only their first name and enter a 000-000-0001 for phone number.

How will I know when the referral is closed?

If the referral is in NCCARE360, you should be able to view this information there (when an organization accepts your referral, it turns into a “case.” The “case” will be closed when the client receives the services they need). If you are not working with this client in NCCARE360, it is your responsibility to follow up and ensure they received the services they requested.

How will I know how many telehealth visits the client has done?

Similarly, this information will be available as notes in NCCARE360. If the client is not in NCCARE360, you must follow up to get this information. Telehealth visits include any encounters that were virtual or remote (phone calls, text messages, emails, video calls). In-person meetings do not count as telehealth. If your encounter with the client was remote, that counts as 1 telehealth visit!